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Gastric cancer. Stomach cancer

Gastric Cancer is very heavy oncological disease. Gastric Cancer frightening that most often found at 3 - 4 stage gastric cancer. In connection with this for stomach cancer and high mortality. Mortality in the first year after the discovery of stomach cancer exceeds 50%.

Chronic gastritis is a precancerous disease, most often leads to cancer of stomach.

For stomach cancer accepted TNM classification. It allows encoding type T3N1M0.
For example, stomach cancer T3N1M0 because it is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancer varieties stomach.

The letter T means the state primary source of the tumor.
TX - means that the state of primary tumor is impossible to assess.
T0 - primary tumor is not defined.
T1 - tumor penetrates the mucous membrane and under mucosa.
T2a - tumor sprouting muscle sheath.
T2 b - tumor sprouting under serous layer.
T3 - Serum tumor sprouting in a shell without penetration into neighbouring organs.
T4 - tumor sprouting in the neighbouring organs and tissues.

The letter N indicates of regional metastases in the lymph nodes.
NX - the state of regional lymph nodes is impossible to assess.
N0 - not of regional metastases.
N1 - metastasis in 1 - 6 of regional lymph glands.
N2 - metastases in 7 - 15 of regional lymph glands.
N3 - metastases in more than 15 of regional lymph glands.

M - stand to distant metastases organs (metastasized into any organ of the body).
MX - metastases impossible to estimate.
M0 - no metastasis.
M1 - has metastasized.

Thus T3N1M0 stomach cancer indicates that sprouts in Serum shell but not sprouting in the neighbouring organs are present in metastases 1 - 6 of regional metastases in the lymph glands but there are no other bodies. Stomach T3N1M0 refers to a 3 stage gastric cancer.

Typically, early stage cancer patients do not feel stomach pains. The appearance of the symptoms of stomach cancer usually said about a late form of stomach cancer.
The most frequent symptoms (signs) of gastric cancer: in epigastric pain, weight loss, vomiting coffee pundits (perevarenoy blood), melena - black, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and so on.

Diagnosis of stomach cancer.
In order to correctly diagnose gastric cancer metastasized to exclude the possibility of another tumor in the body of the stomach, lymphoma, sarcoma, polyps, gastric ulcer disease.

The treatment of stomach cancer.
When treating cancer using mostly stomach surgery.
Depending on gastric cancer distribute allocate 3 groups.
Early cancer.
Race 1 - 4 stage without hematogenic metastasized to distribute and ventral.
Race 4 stage with distant metastases.

When treating early gastric cancer overall 5 year old survival is 86%. In 5% of cases there are relapses, but the re-removal of stomach cancer often leads to a complete digestive.

Standard method of curing of cancer when I was a stomach resection (removal) stomach - partial or complete. This method is used in the 1 - 3 stages of cancer, as well as in stage 4 stomach cancer, if it is possible to operate (T4N2M0, T3N3M0).
For the treatment of gastric cancer T3 - T4, after removal of the stomach using chemotherapy.
Stomach 4 stage show every third first applicant gastric cancer patient. In some cases, with 4 being acquitted palliative cancer gastric resection. They do not affect the prognosis of the disease but also improve the quality of life of a patient of stomach cancer.

Forecast stomach cancer. Survival of cancer in the stomach.
Forecast survival depends mainly on gastric cancer tumors. Patients who can not divide the operation live 3 - 11 months after the confirmation of the diagnosis of stomach cancer. After radical surgical treatment survival depends on the stage of cancer. 5-year survival of cancer in the stomach, depending on the stage are: 1 and - 95%, 1b - 85%, 2 - 54%, and 3 - 37%, 3b - 11%, 4 - less than 7%.