понедельник, 24 марта 2008 г.

Bowen's desease. Skin cancer.

The disease Bowen is predispose to cancer.The disease Bouene looks like isolated or multiplr formations roundish or not.Focuses of affection can be covered bloody crusts. Sometimes focuses of disease Bowen looks like eczema.The disease Bowen may occur either on the open area of skin or on the area have not been exposed to the sun.The disease Bowen may occur on the oral mucosa, genital mucosa, rectum mucosa etc.The frequency of transformation the focuses of the disease Bowen to carcinoma cutaneum reaches 80%. So the treatment of the disease Bowen needed. When Bowen disease malignant transformation in the plaque formed a tight knot. Often the plaque ulcerations.
The treatment of disease Bowen. Treatment of the disease Bowen depends with the location of the epicenter (plaque) and its value.In small lesions on the skin is usually used cryodestruction as well as applications of unguentum with prospidiya chloride. Small focuses of the disease Bowen in the folds of skin usually removed surgically or with the help of laser.At mucosal the disease Bowen sometimes effectively treated with radiotherapy.