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Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease.


Asbestosis is a chronic lung disease that results in breathlessness. Asbestosis is caused by prolonged exposure to asbestos. Asbestosis is incurable, but treatment is available to help reduce the symptoms.

Asbestos is a general term that is used to refer to a group of minerals made up of long, crystal fibres. It was widely used in 20th century in building and manufacturing industries. It was used in products such as insulation, fire-retardant materials, cement, and some vinyl floor tiles. The use of asbestos is banned now in the UK and EU countries. However, asbestos is still used in the many countries.

If asbestos undamaged, it does not present a health risk. But asbestos dust can damage the lungs and trigger asbestosis.

The symptoms of asbestosis usually begin many years after ( from 15-20 years to 40-60 years) the inhalation of asbestos dust.

Prolonged accumulation of asbestos fibers in lungs can cause scarring of lung tissue and shortness of breath.

In the most serious cases, asbestosis can place an enormous strain on a health and shorten life. People with asbestosis also have a high risk of developing lung cancer and mesothelioma. Both lung cancer and mesothelioma can develop many years after the inhalation of asbestos dust; usually between 40-60 years.